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Transport Management System

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  • Live-Tracking

    Allows you to track your fleet's location in real-time and monitor various operational KPIs.

  • Vehicle-Agnostic

    Our technology considers all sorts of public utility vehicles including informal modes such as tricycles and UV Express

  • Modify and Publish Routes Conveniently

    Allows your fleet manager to create and edit routes, and publish them to the Sakay App and Web Portal in minutes, or export data to Powerpoint, Google Earth, or your Social Media.

  • Seamless Integration with Booking, Payments, and Ticketing

    Our applications and platforms integrate with a host of modules, allowing you to launch future-ready smart mobility services within months.

  • Reports and Analytics

    Make faster, more data-driven decisions using system-generated reports that can highlight deviations and associate passenger feedback with ride events.

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Case Study

LTFRB Service Contracting Program

LTFRB partnered with Sakay in implementing their Service Contracting Program for PUJs. Sakay built a custom TMS which allows the LTFRB to track locations of buses and jeepneys, as well as monitor their performance.

Performance data is used to compute for the operators’ compensation. The TMS enabled the publishing of real-time PUV locations in the Sakay App for the commuting public.