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A single platform for multiple payment providers to reach over 500,000 commuters nationwide.

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  • Digitized Fare Collection and Ticketing

    Cashless transactions and paperless tickets reduce the need for physical booths and passenger queueing. A more convenient way for your passengers to pay their fares!

  • Fast and Secure

    Enables your passengers to pay tickets on-demand, from anywhere, in less than a minute!

  • Account-based Ticketing Ready

    Allows passengers to ride your public transport without the need to pre-pay for tickets. Passengers can simply present a smart card or digital code linked to their accounts upon boarding and drop-off, and the fare is automatically billed to their credits.

  • More Cost-Effective with Added Reach

    Lowers your costs while providing fare payment services to over 500,000 Sakay commuters on top of other passengers from other channels.

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Why digitize your payments and ticketing process?

Modern fare payment innovations are only possible with a digital fare-collection system that allows agencies and operators to adapt to new platform features. This is why Sakay partnered with GCash and Paymaya.

Using a digital system to collect fares and distribute tickets saves time and increases efficiency. When compared to manually collecting fare and paying in cash, a multi-wallet compatible payment platform is less expensive and easier to maintain. This allows agencies and operators to devote their full attention to providing riders with safe, dependable, and convenient transportation.