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A more convenient way for commuters to catch rides.

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  • Better Demand-Planning

    Give your passengers the option to reserve seats ahead of time, and your fleet the power of efficient capacity planning!

  • Grow Your Ridership

    Go digital, and reach Sakay's massive userbase!

  • Operations-Agnostic

    Scheduled or on-demand rides; fixed or dynamic routes - whatever your use case, our technology has you covered!

  • Live-Tracking

    Show passengers live GPS locations by connecting to Sakay! Reduce stress with advanced features like ETA and occupancy rates.

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Why Sakay

  • 15 million searches

    15 Million

  • 500,000 searches


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  • 4.5 star rating

    4.5 Star
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Case Study

Uber Rides in Sakay

Sakay worked with Uber on a three-month project, where we integrated them into our platform, through an API. This allowed Sakay users to book an Uber ride without having to transfer applications. Uber trips were included in the itinerary whenever a user searches for a route.

Uber also launched a promo code for trips booked via Sakay which reached over 33,000 commuters, with a 15% conversion rate. The campaign was done over both iOS and Android.